Welcome to Sound Healing

Immerse yourself in the harmonious world of Sound Bath Healing.
Our unique sound therapy sessions are more than just a relaxation technique;
they're an invitation to a transformative experience. Feel the stress melt away
as you are enveloped in a symphony of healing vibrations.

Benefits of Sound Healing and Chakra Balancing

Sound healing and chakra balancing can have profound effects
on overall well-being, including:

Balanced Energy: Restores harmony and promotes peace and tranquility.

Physical Healing: Reduces pain, inflammation, and other physical ailments.

Emotional Healing: Releases stored traumas and promotes emotional balance.

Enhanced Meditation: Deepens meditation, promoting relaxation and awareness.

"I always appreciate Sheri Kaplan's art of sound healing sessions. I have an opinion that Sheri is the best Sound Healer in Miami. Very spiritual!”

Our Approach to Sound Healing

We utilize an array of modern and ancient instruments, like Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and gongs, to create a therapeutic soundscape. Our sessions blend science and art, using 60 resonant frequencies to promote healing and well-being.

Why A Sound Bath?

We chose sound bath healing for its unique ability to harmonize the body and mind. Our practice is rooted in ancient traditions, brought to life with a modern understanding of wellness and relaxation. Over 60 sound healing instruments used.

Types of Sound Bath Sessions

Discover the perfect Sound Bath Experience for You:

β€’ Individual & Small Group Sessions: A private, tailored experience for 2 hours long for 1- 6 people. Includes make and take home your own crystal infused essential oil roller ball.

β€’ Group Sessions from 7-25 + : A shared healing experience in a larger group setting in the yoga room, using crystals to balance your chakras, third eye pyramids, chocolate and a one card reading and a complimentary chakra reading
*Join us for the group community sound bath class on Saturday from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm.

β€’ Special Events: Customize your sound bath experiences for events and celebratory gatherings. In-house or we come to you for additional charge.

"It was such an amazing feeling! It was my first time and she walked me through the process. I think everyone should try it."


Personalized Experiences

Each session is an opportunity to address your unique wellness goals. We also offer referrals to other therapies for a holistic approach to well-being.


Private Small Group (3-6) Sound Healing Bath Meditation Experience

Duration: 2 hrs

Price: $350

(Reg $450)

People: 2 to 6

Private Medium Group

Sound Healing Bath Meditation Experience

Duration: 2 hrs
Special $500

Reg Price: $650

People: 7 to 10

Private Large Group
Sound Healing Bath Meditation Experience

Duration: 2 hrs
Special $650

Reg Price: $1000

People: 11 to 25

Half Price Special
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