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Removing Physical And Emotional Pain by Removing Energetic Blockages

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Sheri Kaplans Healing Techniques

Healing Physical & Emotional Pain By Removing Energetic Blockages

About Sheri Kaplan


Sheri Kaplan is a passionate, resilient, Energy Healer, Intuitive, Transformational Coach and Motivational Speaker, Author. She has a unique approach to healing, and blends over 30 years of experience both receiving and now giving back from her skills as a certified Tesla Healer, Reiki Master, Sound Healer and Coach. She serves the Miami area and offers remote sessions all over the world. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Sheri Kaplan - Spiritual Healing Services in Plantation FL

Sheri Kaplan Services

Sheri Kaplan - Energy Healing - Chakras - Reiki - Transformational Coach - Revitalizer - Plantation FL

Multi-Sensory Energetic Tune Up


This special 1.5 hour session is for those who aren’t sure what session is best for them or who want to experience a little of everything. The session includes Chakra Reading, Revitalizing Energy Tuneup with TESLA Healing, Reiki, Sound Healing, Access Bars, Crystals, Shungite, Pyramids and Oils.
Sheri Kaplan - Services - Energy healing - Sound Healing - sound therapy

Multi-Modality Session Package


Prepay for 3 -2 hour sessions for a cost savings! This package includes 3 Revitalizing Tune-Up Combinations of Reiki, Sound Healing, TESLA Healing Metamorphosis, Acces Bars, Crystals, Shungite, and Pyramids, also includes Shamanic Clearing and 1 hour Transformational Intuitive Coaching and gifts.
Sheri Kaplan - Slider Group - Energy Healer

TESLA Healing Metamorphosis


This session brings the frequency of light in the human body into perfect balance. Any illness, being manifested physically, mentally or emotionally, is a result of an imbalance of the universal life-force within the body which is visible as a frequency of light. Sheri will harness in the free energy non-hertzian waves for inner harmony and balance to the light body.

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My Interviews

Sheri Kaplan has transformed the lives of people suffering from emotional and physical pain


“There are no words that can explain this experience. You will be mesmerized by what can and will happen during your session. Sheri will customize what you need for your life now. You may not even know what you need, but she is the light guiding you in the right direction. I felt so relaxed, recharged, and had clarity for the first time in a long time. Sheri is amazing at what she does and her gift is incredible. My body is still vibrating hours after the session. Once the rest of the world discovers Sheri’s gifts, I truly believe it will be difficult to book a session with her.” Jennifer

Experiencing a sound bath by Sheri was life changing. She is such an expert at her job. The moment you get there she is super warm and welcoming. Sheri is super helpful and knowledgeable if you are debating to book an appointment or not you definitely need to! You will feel rejuvenated. God bless you Sheri and your work! 🙏
Went to Sheri's healing center for the first time July the 7th - it was a great trip! Very relaxing, very nice participants, Sheri's work is exceptional - I'll be back!
I happened to stumble across Sheri's Soul Sessions on Eventbrite. I felt that there were unexplored resources that would help me on my healing journey. In the group session on Sunday, Sheri overdelivered and exceeded expectations. We even received a reading from a world renowned numerologist . After such an experience I felt that I needed my own session with Sheri. I went with intention to step back into my power and once again Sheri overdelivered! Between the different modalities, crystals , therapy etc, Sheri took me on a journey. All 5 senses were engaged as energy was released. I went from hot to cold to shaking even hearing the sounds of what sounded like an old Macintosh computer rebooting. The next day my vibrations were through the roof. I felt confident and ready to walk in my power as I work to create the life that I desire .Sheri is an intuitive and holistic practitioner that pays attention to detail. I highly recommend her services! There was physical manifestation of the shift in less than 24 hours of the completion of our session. May God continue to bless and use Sheri to help heal others.
There are no words to fully explain how transformative this experience was. Sheri takes a deep dive into you as a person and helps you see who you are on the inside. It’s truly a healing journey. I cannot recommend this experience more! Do not wait… do not hesitate. Invest in yourself. Feel your feelings. Love yourself.