Healers.Network Presents a Full Moon

Holistic Health and Wellness Psychic Fair

Put on your headphones, grab your notebook and your water, shut your door, and soak in spiritual wisdom, personal development, and practical tips for self-care, inspiration, and motivation.

Time Schedule For All Regions - Saturday, March, 27th

Time Region
01:00 pm – 10:00 pm Eastern
12:00 pm – 09:00 pm Central
11:00 am – 08:00 pm Mountain
10:00 am – 07:00 pm Pacific
6:00 pm – 03:00 am UK
05:00 pm – 02:00 am Australia (2-22)
12:00 am – 09:00 am India (2-22)

About Event

A star-studded group of experts in holistic health physical mental and spiritual wellness and psychic insight welcome you to an inspiring event filled with experiences education entertainment and enlightenment.

Access to all activities including “close encounters” with all of our presenters and specially reduced priced private mini- psychic and healing sessions speed readings fun room experiences and exciting door prizes are all via Zoom.

Come and go as you please throughout the event.

  • Visit Virtual Exhibit Rooms for sessions and shopping and meet and greet
  • Experience Live Ceremonies
  • Listen to Real-Time Music
  • Enjoy Private Sessions With Gifted Healers
  • Get Answers for the New Year with our Readers and Psychics
  • Visit With the Speakers After their Presentations Right in their Room
  • Listen to the Panel discussion
  • Meditate
  • Activations
  • Win Door Prizes
  • Try FREE Mini Sessions With Each Vendor
  • Do Some Shopping
  • Fun Room Experience With Live Music Meditation, Movement, Activations, Readings & Much More


  • You can pre-book your session with a healer, reader, psychic, or vendor in advance for convenience and a guaranteed spot. Contact and pay them directly.
  • They have reduced their fees – the average price is $1 for 2 minutes.
  • You can also book the day of the event. The Healers Network lounge opens at 1:00 for bookings. 
  • Please support our ability to continue hosting these events by purchasing sessions, classes, and products with our Practitioners and Vendors. Most offer their Sessions at special lower prices for the Fair.


  • This event is posted in many places, so signups here do not indicate likely attendance.
  • Every Fair includes a different set of practitioners offering a wide range of modalities.
  • Feel free to drop in at any time during the event and stay as long or as little as you’d like.
  • The Zoom engineer and staff will give you access to our breakout rooms.
  • Look for the Blue button on the bottom of the screen when you want to move.
  • Volunteers will assist you in the main room, the fun room, HEALERS.NETWORK lounge, and the speaker’s room.
  • Having a problem? Just ask and we’ll help. Tell us in the chat or raise your hand or message us.
  • Please note that this event is not a therapeutic setting and we are not here in the role of counselors. If you have needs that would best be served by a mental health professional, do not consider this event as a substitute for such care.

This Event is Free, By Love Donations

*Your generous Love Donations make it possible for us to continue offering this event to all. Please contribute using the link in the ticketing section. Or you can use:

Paypal https://www.bit.ly/lovedonations
Zelle 786-419-1389 
Cashapp $SheriKaplan12
Venmo www.venmo.com/sheri-kaplan-2

For Questions? Text Sheri Kaplan, 786-419-1389, or email kaplansheri@gmail.com

These are the Rooms you can find us.

Room #

1- Playroom – Fun Experiences Every 30 Minutes- Starting At 2:30

2- Healers Network- Appointment Psychics & Healing Room Starting At 1:00

3- Sheri Kaplan- Hostess, Event Producer, Reiki, Sound Energy Healer, Coach

4- Vicky- Zoom Engineer

5- Help Desk, Tech Support

6- V- Alexandria- Volunteer Chat Moderator

7- V-Michele Howe Clarke- “Thrive Guide”- Volunteer Chat Moderator

8- Raphael Weisman– “The Shungite Man”, Vendor

11- Robert Wood- Card Reader, Aura & Palm Reading, Channel

13- V- Angela Hererra Lopez- “The Oil Healer”- Volunteer Chat Moderator

14- Joanfrances Boyle- “The Scottish Seer”- International Psychic Medium & Past Life Surrogacy Reveal Expert

15- V-Anthony– Volunteer Chat Moderator

16- V- Rosemary Sweeney– Volunteer Chat Moderator

18- Royden Parsell- The Singing Psychic- Channel, Tarot Reader

24- Tina Woolsey- The Ayurveda Harmonizer Specialist

44- Priestess El Pellegrino, Quantum Energy Healer, Psychic Medium, Lightworker

98- Julian Michael- Numerologist, Past Life Hypnotherapist

444- Holly Broderick- Holly Be Healing, Psychic, Medium, Cards, Channel

2222- Peter Marks- Psychic To The Stars, Spiritual Advisor, Coach



For Fun Experiences- Every 30 min
1:00pm-2:00pm Main Room- Networking, Free Healings and Readings in all rooms, make appointments in Healers Network Psychic Lounge in #2
2:30pm Priestess El Pellegrino, “El-evation Experience”
3:30pm Roy Parsell- Singing Psychic Readings
4:00pm Speed Readings Main Stage Raphael Weisman- Shungite Healing Experience
4:30pm Robert Wood- “Spirit Aura Readings”
5:00pm Tina Woolsey- “The Ayurveda Harmonizer”
6:00pm Joanfrances Boyle- “The Scottish Seer”- Readings
6:30pm Julian Michael “The Numbers Man”- Numerology Readings
7:00pm Dr. Nick Delgado, Author, Nutritionist, Coach
7:30pm Peter Marks- “Psychic to the Stars”- Psychic Readings, Astrology
8:30pm Raphael Weisman- The Sedona Shumgite Man, Angel Channeler
9:00pm Holly Broderick- Meditation, Channeling, Card readings

Time Line Main Room

Lectures every 30 minutes for 25 minutes

Visit them all day from 1 – 10 pm.

Follow them to their breakout room for Q and A after their lecture and visit them in the Fun Room #1 for an Interactive Experience

Visit them in Healers Network Lounge #2 to book a Private FREE Mini or Paid session

1:00pm Room #2 HEALERS NETWORKING LOUNGE OPENS- OPEN HOUSE, meet the vendors, taking appointments for Psychic Readings and Healings, FREE READINGS in their breakout rooms
2:00pm Main Room- EVENT BEGINS, Sheri Kaplan “The Revitalizer”- Hostess introduces the team
Room #1- PLAYROOM EXPERIENCES OPENS- Escape to the Playroom for a Live FUN Interactive Experiences with the Psychics, Readers, Healers, Consultants Every 30 minutes Music, Meditation, Activations and readings
3:00pm In the main room JoanFrances BoyleThe Scottish Seer” “THE EFFECTS OF PAST LIFE SYNDROME”
6:00 PM in the Playroom
3:30pm In the main room Julian Michael “The Numbers Man”-“NUMEROLOGY: WILL GIVE YOU TOOLS FOR SUCCESS IN MARCH 2021 MOVING FORWARD!”
6:30 pm in the Playroom
4:00pm SPEED READINGS- Everyone will get moved for 30 minutes to different breakout rooms to meet the vendors to experience mini sessions
4:30pm Main room Peter Marks- “Psychic to the Stars”-
7:30 pm in the Playroom
5:00pm Main room Priestess El Pellegrino, CHANNELED GROUP MESSAGE  2:30 pm in the Playroom
5:30pm Main room  Raphael Weisman- “THE HEALING POWER OF SHUNGITE”
8:30 pm in the Playroom
3:30 pm in the Playroom
6:30pm Main Room – Holly Broderick “Holly Be Healing”-
9:00 pm in the Playroom
7:00pm In the Main Room Robert Wood “The Spiritual Aura Intuitive” – “DEATH HOLD THE BLESSING OF RESURRECTION.
4:30 pm in the Playroom
7:30pm Main Room -Tina Woolsey-“The Ayurveda Harmonizer”
and 5:00 pm in the Playroom
8:00pm Main Room Dr. Nick Delgado
7:00 pm in the Playroom
8:30pm Main Room Gwen Peterson- Intuitive Healer
5:30 pm Playroom
9:00pm Main Room
7:00 pm in the Playroom-
9:30pm Main Stage-
8:00p in the Playroom
10:00pm Closing

“Thank you, it was amazing!” – Anthony Jones

“Congrats to Sheri and her team; the experience exceeded my expectations and I found myself feeling as if I were in a breakout session at a regular conference. Thank you to each and every healer who shared their talents; you are making a difference! Special kudos to Ilene the heart healer! Her work is exceptional!” – Myra Darwish

“I participated for a very short time. I will say that I thought the event was well set up for a virtual event.” – AnneMarie Rempala

“It was great … very informative and especially loved the interactive parts.” – April Sasaki


You can also pre-book with all Practitioners and vendors in advance to guarantee your spot for a Free or reduced session. Contact them and PAY DIRECTLY, they have different prices: the average price is $1-2 minutes. Healers Network Lounge will be open at 1:00 pm for taking appointments and support your bookings throughout the day.

Tina Woolsey “The Harmonizer”- “Ayurvedic Wisdom”

8:30pm Main Room, then Follow her to Room # 24 

2:30pm Fun Room Experience 

FREE OFFER- Complimentary Tongue Analysis and Diagnosis 

Room Offer- $1 Minute. (Prakruti/Vikruti) 

Door Prize Giveaway Item- Prakruti/Vikruti Analysis Valued at $175 


Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Shirodhara Chromotherapy Nutritional Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Sleep Therapy And Energetic Therapies 

Ayurvedic constitutional and lifestyle analysis for treatment, prevention, longevity and vitality. Specialties include anxiety, depression, addiction, ADD/ADHD, trauma recovery, fertility sexual wellness, insomnia, clarity of life purpose, anger, grief and rejuvenation.  

Royden Parsell- "Roy The Singing Psychic"

6:00pm Main room then Follow him to Room #9 for Q and A 

6:30pm Fun Room Experience- Mini Readings 

Door Prize Giveaway Item * 1-hour video reading 

Door Prize Valued at $120 

Free Offer – Three card tarot spread 

Room Offer- $25/15 minutes 

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Singing Psychic, Medium, Tarot Cards 

I am a clairvoyant and clairaudient from Tasmania Australia, using my gifts to provide useful and entertaining readings, my readings tend to be problem-solving but also I tend to get messages to pass onto sitters (will class myself as a medium). 

Priestess Ell Pellegrino

7:30pm Main room then follow her to Room #44 for Q and A 

4:30pm Fun Room Experience- “The El-Evation Experience of Transformation” 

FREE OFFER- Complimentary 5 minute 

Room Offer- $36- 30 Minutes/ $18- 15 minute- Show Special 

Door Prize Giveaway Item- 30 minute Session, valued at $175 

Bio – Ascension~ Holistic Life Coach- Hypnotherapist- Quantum DNA Shifting- Psychic- Medium- Teacher- TV Host.

Julian Michael “The Numbers Man”


5:30pm – Main room then follow him to Room #98 for Q and A and for Sessions 

8:30pm – Fun room Experience- Learn your Numbers, Ask anything 

FREE OFFER- 5 minutes Free 

Room Offer: $1.25 minute 

Door Prize Giveaway Item – Session of 30 min, Valued at $180 

Numerologist, Past Life Hypnotherapist, Lightworker 

BioJULIAN MICHAEL Numerologist of 40 years. Past Life Hypnotherapist 30 years Author and Writer. Julian has appeared on ABC’s “Night Line” New York’s Fox 5 CBS “Saturday Morning Show”. numerous radio shows and spoke at Conferences in the U.S Brazil. Paraguay and at the UN. Julian brings an entertaining and unique presentation style to his work. He has been called “The Robin Williams of Numerology.” 

Robert Wood “Spirit Aura”- “Know Your Soul”

7:00pm – Main room, then follow him to Room #11 for Q and A and for sessions 

5:00pm – Fun Room Experience- Mini Readings and Channeling 

FREE OFFER- 5 Minute Palm Reading or Card Reading 

Room offer- $1.00 per min. 10 min minimum 

Door Prize Giveaway Item- Palm Reading Session, Valued at $55 

Bio- Robert is a Spirit channeling higher self-Channel Teacher Coach Spiritual Advisor- Aura Energy Reader- Card Reader-Palm Reader 

Sheri Kaplan “The Revitalizer”- Hostess

Energy Healer, Intuitive Transformational Coach Motivational Speaker and Author, TESLA Healer Vibro-Acoustic Practitioner. Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner and Coach 

FREE OFFER- Chakra Reading https://sherikaplan.as.me/Chakrareadingconsult

Door Prize Giveaway Item – 3 Copy’s of E Book or Audio Download –“17 Ways to Open the Root Chakra to Love Abundance & Security” and a Chakra & Angel Card Reading  Valued at $75 each 

Laurelle Rethke, Best Selling Author of "CRYSTAL HEALING - THE ART OF LAYING-ON-OF-STONES"

3:30pm – Main room

Then follow her to Room #12 for Q and A and for sessions

Crystals are said to hold crystallized light consciousness, and have been used for millennia to bring healing and peace. Experience using crystals in this workshop, so you can bring healing to yourself and your loved ones. We will learn and practice the art of Laying-on-of-Stones to cleanse, align & activate the chakras and I will offer insights to gain deeper healings. Information about stones and Tibetan pulsing will also be covered. Stay tuned after to have your specific questions answered during the breakout session.

Room Offer – 10 minute consultation
Door Prize – Consultation valued at $200.00

Author of the #1 Hot New Release Connecting with Crystals, Laurelle has taught and spoken at venues throughout the U.S. Consultant, Healing Therapist, Best Selling Author, Teacher & Speaker, Crystals, Source Energy, Meditation, Healing Sound, Essential Oils, Qigong, Astrology. Based in NYC, Laurelle travels throughout the country to speak and teach workshops, and frequents as a Guest on several TV, Radio and Internet Talk shows. She also offers most of her services via phone or video chat. Call or text 917-406-0225, or message her at TheFaerieDen.com/lets-connect to book an appointment.

Learn more at The Faerie Den & 5 Sense Healing shop and workshops

Joe Blanton - Wisdom, Wellness, Wealth Coach

5:00pm – Main Room Joe Blanton “Energy in Motion”
Then follow him to Room #9 for Q and A and for sessions
7:30pm Fun Room Experience

All Healing comes from RAISING the frequency of that area of our body back to its Optimal Wellness Frequency! NO EXCEPTIONS! My goal is to Help You, Help Yourself, Help Your Body, Heal Itself Naturally, Because NO ONE Else, and do it for you. You must do it yourself. Join me to learn the science behind our unique Vibrational Self-Care tools that upregulate your gene expression to build healthier proteins, increase your life force energy, increase microcirculation and more in seconds so Your body can HEAL ITSELF NATURALLY!

We also CHANGE HARMFUL EMF TO HELPFUL EMF the way Nature does it, and I can demonstrate this long distance, remotely if you want.

Follow him to the Playroom at 7:30 pm

Door Prize – CD of Peter Sterling, The Circle of the Circle which he recorded specifically for Vibranz, limited edition, and a laser and coaching session $135 value

Bio – Joe has over 40 years’ experience in holistic healing after healing his body of asthma, hay fever, tons of allergies & sinus problems and has enjoyed great health ever since!

Touching Hearts & Changing Lives!

Phone 469-766-5511
Website www.livetheenergizedlife.com

Holly Broderick - Oracle Card Reader & Meditation Specialist

6:30pm Holly Broderick “Holly Be Healing”- HOW BREATHING DEEPLY SAVES YOUR LIFE.”

Follow her to Breakout Room # 444 for Q and A and for sessions

9:00pm Playroom Experience.

Door Prize- 7 Oracle Card readings/meditation sessions Valued at $210.00

Free Offer- First 5 min free
Price per session offered- $1 per min

Phone 203-770-8656
Email hollybehealthy@gmail.com
Facebook HollyBeHealing

Michele Howe Clarke, Life Success Thrive Guide
Room #7


Door Prize- Alpha Meditation Suite – Retrain Your Brain to Go Fetch. Valued at $159.00

Free Offer- Divine Design Shine Coordinates – Keys to unlock your best life

Bio- Calling all Mavens, ready to make your life a masterpiece. Hi, I am Michele Howe Clarke, MBA, TEDx speaker, bestselling author, investor, mom, wife, daughter, friend, coach, dog owner, and miracle maker. Most importantly, Maven, I stand for your life s.u.c.c.e.s.s.. Specializing in activating your Magic Alchemy Manifestation Superpowers. I am your Thrive Guide into the flow of your Divine Design Shine. Let’s Go!

Free Gift for Y.O.U. >>  https://faceforwardyou.com/


Phone 516-522-0178
Email michele@faceforwardyou.com
Facebook FaceFowardYou
Instagram FaceForwardYou

Dr. Cesily DeAngelo - Shamanic Medicine Woman


Then follow her to Room #10 for Q and A and for sessions

3:30 pm in the Playroom 

What are the Phases of Consciousness?

How its is important is to Connect with Super Consciousness?

What happens when you are connected?

How to start if you never meditate before?

How to be open and keep the mind focus to Centerness?

How to prepare for meditation?

What types of meditations are for what?

How mantras play a part in Meditations to connect to the Super- Conscious?

How affirmations play a part in Meditations to connect to the Super- Conscious?

Door Prize – Personal 30 minutes Readings, Valued at $100.00

Free Offer – 1 question reading
Price per session offered.

25% discount off anything on my website… Code used in Virtual HHWFair2021

BIO – I am Medicine Woman that brings in nature and the essence of life force energy to help others intergrade into their Full Force Energy(QI) to experience life in extraordinary way of being. Reiki energy is just one of assist clients for help the body to come into balance with self. Crystal Energy, Herbal elements assist me, Life force Energy assist me and other Elements to assist my clients to understand their true-self and to bring in true love. I provide in depth study of getting one to know one -self.


Phone 818-570-0342
Email dr.cesilydeangelo@gmail.com
Website www.drdemetaphysician.com
Facebook doctordeangelophd
Instagram drcesilydeangelophd
Blog Talk Radio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/food-alchemy-network

Peter Marks - International Psychic and Astrologer. Spiritual Advisor Psychic Coach


7:00 pm Playroom experience, follow him to #2222 for Q and A & for sessions

We are all born into this life with a mission. As children of the Universe, we are here to discover that as God’s children we are perfect. We are capable of all the abundance and riches that God has to offer simply by becoming spiritually aligned with the energy’s of the divine plan. I will guide them with their Natal charts and their spiritual Angels on how to tap into all that is positive in their lives .

Room Offer – Lucky Natal Chart Numbers or 5 minutes free

Price per session-Astrological & Psychic Sessions $70.00 regular $150

Door Prize- Session- $150

Bio – I have been featured in the Huffington Post and Written up by Famed Journalist Markos Papadatos. I provide unique consultations that will uncover an individual’s Soul Path and provide the ultimate understanding for your purpose and fulfilment in this life.


Phone 203-206-9353
Email peter_mrks@yahoo.com
Website www.petermarks.com

Joanfrances Boyle - The Scottish Seer



6:00pm Playroom Experience

Follow her to room #14 for Q and A & for Sessions

Often repeating over and over often creating, attracting, and causing you to react relationships with people, animals, plants, jobs, and places, not to mention genetic associations or trauma defects and the impact of death!

The Events of your Past Life are controlling your present-day health and happiness!

Door Prize Giveaway Item *30 MIN FREE READING Valued at $ *75

Free Offer – Color Core Personality Reading

Show Fees

$65- 30 minutes Psychic Readings

$125- 30 minutes Past Life Surrogacy

$200- hour (Reg $250) Past Life Surrogacy


International Psychic Medium & Past Life Surrogacy Reveal Expert Joanfrances Boyle, The Scottish Seer 31years experience! I am delighted to serve you with my Psychic and Spirit Communication Readings

Past Life Surrogacy Reveal Expert /Psychic Consultant / Mediumistic Consultant / Life Purpose Reveal Consultant /Intuitive Life Coach / Colour Life Palette Consultant / Psychic Property Surveyor/Clinical Hypnotherapist (full 60 aspects)

Executive Firewalker Instructor/Usui, Karuna, Amaran, Dimensional Reiki Master Teacher,  Dimensional Nucleus Activation Consultant , Meditation and Mediumistic and Psychic Development Instructor, Creator of “World of Visual Meditations”


WhatsApp Video Call  +44(0)7832251798
Email  info@joanfrances.com 
Website www.joanfrances.com
Facebook TheScottishSeer
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