About Sheri Kaplan
Benefits of Chakra Balancing: Lots of energy and Are In Action Mode Stress Is Removed, Feel Lighter, Fresher, Freer, Feeling Recharged, revived And Renewed Release of Anger, Guilt, Fear, Sadness, Loneliness Feel Blissful and Enhance Feelings Of Being Safe And Protected Experience More Pleasure And Sensual Fulfillment Calm and centered Think More Clearer, Able To Focus Better, Motivated and Open To Inspired Creative Expression Be Able To Trust And Feel Connected Reduce Desire For Unhealthy Habits Put Themselves First Increased Visual Clarity to receive ideas and inspiration for their business Body Aches And Pain Are Eliminated Or Reduced Feel Connected To Higher Consciousness Or Spirit Get In Touch With Inner Guidance And Intuition Increase Ability To Make Decisions And Take Action No Hold Backs With Procrastination, They Get Rid Of The To Do List They Enjoy Life More, feel happy, free and joyful Feel Free and Play Full Out Their Relationships Improve With Co Workers And Loved Ones Not As Reactive In Every Day Occurrences Don’t feel drained and Feel Alive And Awake with A feeling of enthusiasm Reduction of overwhelm, anxiety, fear and doubt is eliminated Feeling of feeling light, and exited for whats possible Energy Healing abilities increase Feel Grounded, relaxed, calm, centered and content