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Trish Carr

Shout out to Sheri Kaplan who saved my weekend and my Level Up workshop by giving me a healing energy treatment that took me from an "8" high on the pain scale of 1-10, all the way down to a 2 in only 20 minutes. And not only that, the healing stuck and I feel great. This chronic pain in my back was released with Sheri's magic hands. Thank you Sheri!

Beth Stoller

Thank you so much for the healing session last week. Almost immediately, indescribable energy was moving through my head and down my body. You gave me a great chiropractic adjustment, which was just what my body needed. I was not fully aware of how much stress I had felt when I first layed on your table, until you were done with the session. I felt like a heavy weight was taken off my shoulders. In my profession, I have had many opportunities to experience different healing modalities....yours was truly over the top. You have amazing healing abilities. Congratulations on your Tesla Metamorphosis progress....looking forward to experiencing that also.

Dan Frishberg

I feel free and comfortable. FREEDOM, is how I can describe my feeling about this session. I feel a release from everything that was bothering me. A comfort I haven’t felt in awhile, that there is no need to believe anything, I came myself. I did not know how to get back to myself.

Melissa Binkley

I want to say a huge and amazing thank you to Sheri Kaplan. Yesterday I got to visit her amazing sanctuary and was treated for nearly 3 hours of total bliss. I got to experience deep shift in my energy, opening of my chakras, card readings and even infrared! so many amazing things and I just cannot thank her enough for the experience. I suggest trying this out it will blow your mind.

Melody Palmer

Sheri Kaplan is a natural born healer which I experienced this week with her performing a Tesla Healing session. Her energy is beautiful and I had a safe, amazing, enlightening journey. Thank you Sheri, so truly, truly, grateful. Feeling blessed.

Sandra Hanesworth

Thank you Sheri for "my first" experience with your healing techniques! Not sure what you did.. (Lol) But after an hour on your table... My neck, knee, back pain was reduced greatly ... and I slept with ease! Thank You Sheri ~ xoxo much appreciation!

Gloria Bass

Just got home from an amazing healing session with Healer Sheri Kaplan. Reiki, crystal bowls, card reading, got charged up on the epower machine and infrared machine..thank you Sheri! I highly recommend you treat yourself to Sheri's healing.

Lisa Dinon Hernandez

Thank you to Sheri Kaplan for some incredible sessions. I can't describe how better I feel. The painful knot in my shoulder disappeared and my energy has totally transformed. You are amazing!
LOVE Sheri Kaplan! I’m feeling blessed, refreshed from an amazing day at her center - looking to help your body, mind, spirit please go see her. One of my best days all year. Thank you! God bless!
- Michelle Renee

I grew up in a household where ""traditional"" Western medicine was the rule of law. You got sick, you took a pill. End of story. So, admittedly I went into my session with Sheri not expecting much. I'm glad to admit that I was totally wrong. I could literally feel the pain leaving my body as we went through the session. By the time we finished I was so relaxed that I almost couldn't recognize myself. I've always been a workaholic and had pains up and down my back as long as I can remember. Since my session with Sheri, I have completely chilled about about working and put aside time for myself everyday. My back feels as good as new and I can't recall the last time that was the case. Sheri's technique is fantastic, non-intrusive and very comforting. I would highly recommend Sheri to anyone experiencing pain or discomfort anywhere across the physical, psychological or emotional realms. Thanks so much, Sheri. Looking forward to another Revitalization. - Emil Prelic‎

I would like to highly recommend the professional healing services of Sheri Kaplan. She serves our community with tesla healing, chakra cleansing, singing bowls and more, and I had the pleasure of receiving a wonderful treatment combining the above methods. Her rates are affordable and she is a very loving practitioner, working in a clean, relaxing and professional environment. Treat yourselves to something good and give Sheri a call. - Francesca Smith

Sheri Kaplan

What a wonderful day! Feeling so chill after hanging with Sheri Kaplan. She does a special energy healing called Tesla that is quite remarkable. Definitely hook up with her. She is amazing.
- Cassi Eubank

Tonight I discovered that there is an extraordinary healer in our midst... Sheri Kaplan! What a remarkably powerful session we had. She's got Singing Bowls, aromatherapy, Sound Forks, Chakra Chimes, Sacred Prayer, Crystal Pads, Reiki and Tesla going on. Do yourself a huge favor and sign up for a session with her ASAP. Your body, mind & spirit will be soooo glad you did. - Gary Kissel

I have had 2 sessions with Sheri...She has changed my life totally....I have had health issues for 3 years and more. I have tried many different avenues. She is the one that finally released what needed to be released to heal my body....If you have an issues I truly suggest contacting Sheri...She is truly amazing....I truly feel she does this for helping others not for the money.....She really cares.
- Shirley Cryans

Sheri Kaplan

Wow! My session with Sheri Kaplan was so energizing and relaxing. I had just returned on a red eye flight from Nevada and had not slept in 36 hours. On the way to the session I rode the elevator to her office. After the session I skipped down the flights of stairs. Thank you Sheri. – Debra Banks

So grateful for the amazing healing session! It was truly a unique, enlightening, relaxing, and educational experience. I love your use of several healing modalities. I feel so much lighter and really can't thank you enough! - Nellie Bridgewater

Last Monday, I had my first TESLA healing session with Sheri Kaplan. We spent close to 2.5 hours together for a very reasonable special price. This energy treatment to best describe it was a combination of reiki, balancing of the chakras, higher frequency vibrational bowls and sound instruments, and metal plates. I felt so relaxed and appreciated Sheri's loving, nurturing and healing energy. I appreciated the introductory healing prayer and tuning into the healing energies and asking for what I want to manifest in my life. Sheri also gave me angelic card readings to see what message the angels and guides had for me, and they were so right on! I am feeling GREAT, hopeful and positive. If you want to treat yourself to a very nice energy healing treatment, contact Sheri Kaplan for more info. - Silvana Lorena Ramirez

Sheri Kaplan

I am so grateful that I said YES to a session with Sheri. She is filled with a passion to heal which is clear and incorporates so many goodies, sound, bowls, chimes, crystals, stones, and much more! I DO feel lighter today as I start my day. I have been waking up anxious and overwhelmed, in fear and doubt. Today I feel a lighter feeling of enthusiasm and excitement for what is possible. - Suzi Kotler

I'm still vibrating from my session with Sheri on Friday. She is one amazing healer.
- Howard Luckman

I feel really relaxed, rested and really good. I felt as if I was transported to another dimension, a deep level of relaxation and peacefulness. I just want to BE instead of DOING and very accepting of the way things are. Im feeling good, my pain is gone and is under control. One comes out of the session feeling relaxed, and everything feels ok, and its going to be alright. - Cuka Bal

Sheri Kaplan

I just want to give a shout out to my friend Sheri Kaplan. I experienced my very first Reiki healing session on my last trip to Miami. I can honestly say that this session was more than I could have hoped for. "Life changing" is an understatement. If you're in the SoFL area and you want to experience Reiki at the hands of a Master then hit Sheri up on FB or message me for her contact info.
- Michelle Foden Disher

Thanks for the great work this morning Sheri, I feel like a million dollars!! I will be back, and I will recommend your service to others. - Jeff Levine

We have done this the last couple weeks. Its such a beautiful experience. And you will never beat the price. I highly recommend taking advantage of this. - Jennifer Bruner

Sheri Kaplan

Thank you Sheri for your awesome healing session... Everyone should definitely try this at least once in their life....your session was super relaxing and refreshing ...because of you I am all charged up! You rock! - Pamela Kolonias Delapiedra

I had an incredible healing session with Sheri Kaplan last night on the full moon. The session was a mix of Reiki, Sound, Aromatherapy and Tesla Metamorphosis. My whole body had chills and surges of energy as well as powerful emotional and energetic release. My Chakras opened up from any blockages I had and my whole energetic body aligned and allowed space for healing. Thank you so much! I look forward to my next sessions for deeper transformation. - Erika Annette

Visited Sheri a couple of days ago for an energetic tune up and I'm still feeling the effects! Sheri had great intuition and words around an issue I've been dealing with lately, and her techniques are helping to liberate me from it. If you're are feeling stuck or blocked, I highly recommend seeing her.
- Beverly Sorrells

Sheri Kaplan


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