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Discover 17 Different, Often Overlooked Ways To Balance Your Root Chakra and Awaken Life’s Abundance

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Unlock the power of your chakras with our comprehensive step-by-step guide:

  • What Are Chakras?
  • Balance Your Chakras for Immediate Results
  • Importance of Clearing Chakras
  • Healthy Chakra Clearing Practices
  • How Blocked Chakras Affect the Body and Productivity
  • The Influence of Your Past on Your Financial State
  • Tools to Keep Your Chakras Running

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Take a moment to unwind and find inner peace with this unique sound healing session.
  • 45 minutes of Tranquil and Soothing Sounds
  • Ideal for Stress Relief and Meditation
  • Downloadable for Easy Listening


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Angie  February 2023

“My husband and I were having a difficult time de-stressing, connecting, and just relaxing several days into our vacation.
Sheri The Revitalizer Will 100% be one of our first stops next visit!
The knots, the tension, the worry, It melted magically away.
Our last 3 days of our trip, we were just so much more connected, relaxed, and literally living in the exact minute of each moment.
No worries. Sheri has been given a gift.
We are very fortunate we stumbled upon her.
Be open to the experience, let go, and let Sheri.
You will be happy you did.”

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