About Sheri Kaplan
Tesla Healing Metamorphosis® has the intent to bring the frequency of light in the human body into perfect balance. Any illness, being manifested physically, mentally or emotionally, is a result of an imbalance of the universal life-force within the body which is visible as a frequency of light. Once the balance of the frequency of light is re-established the healing takes place. Tesla Healing Metamorphosis is very often amazingly transformational: clients experience disappearance of tumors, cancers, HIV problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, back pain, to the limits where spine and other physical injuries and even birth deformities are reconstructed. Most of the time the healings happen very quickly. It is recommended to have three sessions because in most situations three sessions are enough. There have been cases, though, where after only one session cataracts have disappeared, or HIV virus was no longer detected in the blood; and then, there were some cases where two or three additional sessions were required.

During the healing session some people might have different experiences – visual, audio, touch; while some are just very relaxed. Tesla Healing is THE leading edge technology creating a buzz in both holistic and mainstream healing. Named for and based on the work of renowned scientist, Nikola Tesla, best known for his contribution to the design of modern AC electricity, Tesla Healing Metamorphosis is a transformational modality that works to quickly create significant changes in mind, body and spirit. This process is done usually 3 times and the healing frequencies initiated during the healing session continue to worklong after the session is completed. Tesla Healing Metamorphosis creates the uninterrupted flow of energy, the perfect balance of the frequency of light within the human body and elevates the energy consciousness level to a higher frequency thus relieving the body and mind of the current painful circumstance.

Each person has a unique experience, some of the most common responses are:

Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development are expanded to a higher level.
You may have a greater capacity to give and receive love.
Your talents and creativity could be liberated and enhanced.
You may get a strong sense of life purpose.
You might be released from fear and guilt.
You might achieve a different perspective of values, which gives you inner tranquility.
You may have a greater choice and confidence in decision making.
Your consciousness might transcend the limitations of this dimensional level of consciousness.
Some say that they have changed for the better, and therefore other people change in the relationship to them.
Some report changing job, changing partner, changing place where they live, always for better.

Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis® is about your personal spiritual, mental and emotional growth, through consciousness evolution, the reconstruction of the original human 13 DNA strands and the attunement of human DNA with the DNA of the planet Earth and the Universe, as well as the establishment of the perfect light balance that will awaken the Light Being within. The process enhances potential arts and talents and prepares the human for the big shift in the evolution of consciousness which is not avoidable in the circle of cosmic evolution.

After having their Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis people report that they feel that they had changed and their whole life had changed for better. While there is no need for the practitioner to follow any set modules in deriving Tesla Healing Metamorphosis, in Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis the procedure is strict; it is important that he/she activates very precise points and draws lines as they are defined, according to energy flow (axiatonal lines) and the vortex centres of energy (chakras) of the human body, using Tesla frequencies of energy, without physically touching the body. This process is done once in a lifetime and it works with you for the rest of your life, re-establishing the healthy relationship with the Self and the Divine. It is done in two sessions in two consecutive days (or not more than 48 hours apart). Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis creates the uninterrupted flow of energy, the perfect balance of the frequency of light within the human body and elevates the energy consciousness level to a higher frequency towards the frequency of consciousness of the higher Light Beings. The reconstruction of the thirteen original DNA strands brings back the memory of the knowledge and the arts we once had, and which are now forgotten.

Sheri Kaplan and Tesla Metamorphosis® make no promises or warranties regarding medical diagnoses, outcomes and/or medical treatments, and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for your own medical care.