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  • Sheri Kaplan - Energy Healer in Plantation FL - Customer Reviews
    Thank you to Sheri Kaplan for some incredible sessions. I can't describe how better I feel. The painful knot in my shoulder disappeared and my energy has totally transformed. You are amazing!
    Lisa Dinon Hernandez
  • Customer Testimonials - Sheri Kaplan - Energy Healer & Revitalizer - Plantation
    Just got home from an amazing healing session with Healer Sheri Kaplan. Reiki, crystal bowls, card reading, got charged up on the epower machine and infrared machine..thank you Sheri! I highly recommend you treat yourself to Sheri's healing.
    Gloria Bass
  • Sheri Kaplan - Healer & Revitalizer - Client Testimonial - Celestial Sound Bath
    Thank you Sheri for "my first" experience with your healing techniques! Not sure what you did.. (Lol) But after an hour on your table... My neck, knee, back pain was reduced greatly ... and I slept with ease! Thank You Sheri ~ xoxo much appreciation!
    Sandra Hanesworth
  • Sheri Kaplan - Healer & Revitalizer - Client Testimonial - Reiki in Plantation FL
    Sheri Kaplan is a natural born healer which I experienced this week with her performing a Tesla Healing session. Her energy is beautiful and I had a safe, amazing, enlightening journey. Thank you Sheri, so truly, truly, grateful. Feeling blessed.
    Melody Palmer
  • Sheri Kaplan - Energy Healer & Revitalizer - Client Testimonial
    I want to say a huge and amazing thank you to Sheri Kaplan. Yesterday I got to visit her amazing sanctuary and was treated for nearly 3 hours of total bliss. I got to experience deep shift in my energy, opening of my chakras, card readings and even infrared! so many amazing things and I just cannot thank her enough for the experience. I suggest trying this out it will blow your mind.
    Melissa Binkley
  • Sheri Kaplan - Healer & Revitalizer - Client Testimonial - Music therapy In Plantation FL
    I feel free and comfortable. FREEDOM, is how I can describe my feeling about this session. I feel a release from everything that was bothering me. A comfort I haven’t felt in awhile, that there is no need to believe anything, I came myself. I did not know how to get back to myself.
    Dan Frishberg
  • Sheri Kaplan - Energy Healer & Revitalizer - Client Testimonial - Plantation FL
    Thank you so much for the healing session last week. Almost immediately, indescribable energy was moving through my head and down my body. You gave me a great chiropractic adjustment, which was just what my body needed. I was not fully aware of how much stress I had felt when I first layed on your table, until you were done with the session. I felt like a heavy weight was taken off my shoulders. In my profession, I have had many opportunities to experience different healing modalities....yours was truly over the top. You have amazing healing abilities. Congratulations on your Tesla Metamorphosis progress....looking forward to experiencing that also.
    Beth Stoller
  • Sheri Kaplan - Energy Healer & Revitalizer - Client Testimonial - Sound Bath in Plantation FL
    Shout out to Sheri Kaplan who saved my weekend and my Level Up workshop by giving me a healing energy treatment that took me from an "8" high on the pain scale of 1-10, all the way down to a 2 in only 20 minutes. And not only that, the healing stuck and I feel great. This chronic pain in my back was released with Sheri's magic hands. Thank you Sheri!
    Trish Carr