I highly recommend her. Great with unblocking chakras and activating the third eye. Best experience I had from other reiki sessions. Sheri cleared my energies.


I get bookings every day let me teach you!

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Have you ever heard of AIRBNB.COM/Experiences

I have been a host for over 5 years and I will teach you how to navigate and get approved as an Experience TRAVEL host. (not a home host)

What are Airbnb Experiences?

Experiences are one-of-a-kind activities hosted by inspiring local experts.

They go beyond typical tours or classes by immersing guests in a host’s unique world.

A Sample Of Experiences Can Be

  • Teaching A Cooking Class
  • Bringing A Guest On A Tour Of Your Farmers Market Or Museum Or Of Your Favorite Part Of Town
  • A Convertible Car Ride On The Beach
  • Morning Meditation And Yoga On The Ocean
  • A Bike Ride In The Park
  • Astrology Reading
  • A Tarot Reading
  • A Sound Healing
  • A Magic Show
  • A Dance Class

Ask yourself if you are able to provide any of these experiences below

  • Do you love to cook or bake or make arts and crafts?
  • Have a love for photography, or painting, enjoy meditation on the ocean, or yoga in the park?
  • Do you perform, sing or play any instruments?
  • Do you know how to read astrology charts, psychic readings, akashic records or tarot cards?
  • Can you offer hypnosis or coaching?
  • Do you have a recording studio?
  • Love hiking or biking?
  • Do you own a watercraft or boat?
  • Do you own a 15 passenger bus or van?
  • Do you have a love for beer or food?
  • Do you know your neighborhood inside out?
  • Do you know about local hidden gems?
  • Maybe you’re an architect or historian or a local guide?
  • Have a garden, farm, or ranch?

The sky is the limit!!

We can package it to make it a fantastic experience that they will rave all about you!


  • History and culture
  • Food and Drink
  • Nature and Outdoors
  • Wellness
  • Entertainment

When you host an experience, you’re giving guests your perspective on a city, craft, cause, or culture.

With experiences, you connect people together and give them a deeper understanding of something you’re passionate about. Your goal is to show guests such a good time, they’ll have stories to share back home.

Sheri’s work is truly a blessing! Talking with her and allowing her to work with me has been amazing! She uses a combination of several sounds and tools that was absolutely breathe taking, mesmerizing and revitalizing! I genuinely believe that this is what I needed during my trip and Sheri made every moment of it truly life changing and replenishing I know I will be back! Thank you again for everything:)


Online experiences can be hosted from anywhere through video on Zoom and in-person experiences (like mine) and are hosted on location. People use the beach parks and even their homes.

For Hosts:
  • Experiences are an opportunity for anyone to share their hobbies skills or expertise with the world.
  • Every experience is reviewed by Airbnb. To be published an experience submission must meet Airbnb’s standards and requirements. We look for high-quality experiences led by knowledgeable hospitable hosts.
For Guests:
  • You do not need to stay in a home on Airbnb in order to book an experience.
  • Experiences last a few hours on average. They can range from workshops to long treks and are available for various skill levels and interests. Every experience is reviewed by Airbnb to make sure they meet our quality standards.
This experience is one I’m still in amazement over. I’ve had this experience weeks ago and I’m still in reaping the benefits now. Things are unveiling and making sense. The experience it’s self is really unexplainable but very much needed!


Time Schedule For All Regions – Next Event is Tuesday, June 14th

Time Region
12:00pm – 01:30 pm Eastern
9:00am – 10:30 am Pacific
05:00pm – 06:30 pm UK
06:00am – 07:30 am Australia

You will walk away with:

  • an understanding of the platform
  • the listing process
  • what they are looking for in a listing
  • the calendar system
  • the communication with guests
  • and how to begin your own listing.

Here are some of the key details you’ll need to know before you submit a Live or Virtual Experience: Please be prepared to have this ready for the workshop.

  • A title for your experience
  • High-quality photos of people engaging in your experience
  • Your activity description including a clearly defined itinerary
  • Your qualifications history or credentials
  • A description of what you’ll provide your guests (ex: you might include tickets to a museum and include this in your price)
  • A description of what they should bring including what is not included in your experience (ex: cash needed for an open-air market wear comfortable clothing)
Sheri knew of what I was going through, helped to focus on the problem and did very well on aligning my Chakras. Great experience.


Bio – Sheri Kaplan “The Revitalizer” is a passionate resilient Energy Healer Intuitive Transformational Coach Motivational Speaker and Author. Her unique approach to healing blends over 30 years of experience as a TESLA Healer Vibro-Acoustic Practitioner. Reiki Master Master Sound Healer Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner and Coach. Sheri transforms her clients through a multi-sensory journey that recharges and activates every cell in their bodies. A driving force and educator in the community she successfully led a five-year-old Meetup in Dania Beach and unified South Florida’s community through a weekly Sound Bath Meditation and Holistic Fair known as “Revitalizing Tuesdays”.

She is a passionate advocate for those who do not have a voice. Sheri Kaplan has been featured in numerous local and national TV Radio and Print Media including People magazine Montel Williams and ABC’s 20/20. She launched
https://www.Healers.Network an on-demand Consultation Health and Wellness Marketplace.  She also produces a monthly global Virtua Holistic Health Wellness and Psychic Fair on Zoom http://healersnetworkvirtualfair.com


If you are second guessing yourself on booking, DONT just do it. the best 2 hours I have had all year. She goes above and beyond what you would expect. Everything was perfect. I guarantee you will leave a new version of yourself.


This experience was absolutely outstanding. Sheri definitely help me understand my shortcomings from a different perspective and ultimately sparked the journey to my emotional recovery.


My partner and best friend joined me on this meditation. There was a chakra reading, we got to know each other, and we did sound healing that aligned us all mentally/physically where we needed it. Sherri is wonderful at taking the lead and let us relax as we were nervous and ready to cleanse during our trip to Florida. I found that I am now releasing a lot of what hasn’t served me over the last year and am loving every minute of it. We will certainly be back! I highly recommend this experience!


Amazing! Everyone should experience this. I will remember it forever and I woke up feeling light as a feather.


Thank you for having us! It was definitely an interesting experience 🙂


Amazing experience , friendly, kind , a must do .


Wonderful experience. I’m going keep going and going and going!


My experience was very relaxing. Always good to slow down and take some time to try and turn your mind off. Sheri helped with that and I enjoyed my experience.


Sheri is a wonderful spirit who helped me heal tremendously. I feel much more aligned with my best self thanks to this experience. Highly recommended!!


Sheri was amazing she made my friend and I feel so very welcomed. I am very grateful for this experience and my life is forever changed because of it. At the beginning of my session I was closed off in more than one area of my life and I left feeling amazing and ready to continue on this journey called life! Thank you so much again HAPPY HEALING.


I’m so thankful I found this place Sheri is very special and knows a lot about the topic. She helped me with my back pain and anxiety with just one session and now I feel renewed like never before. I have no word to describe how grateful I am. Thanks a lot Sheri! Andrea
Sheri was a great host and really knew what she was doing! This was my first time doing sound and healing meditation and I feel better than where I was spiritual! I would definitely do that experience again and with Sheri!


I took a group of my clients for an experience together. It was fun to be able to enjoy it with them rather than me always working. The sounds were beautiful and it was a need relaxation.


What a special experience. Sheri has a warmth about her that makes you know she cares. I came in for a birthday energy tune up as a present to myself. I would recommend everyone do this with Sheri. She uses a wide range of healing modalities. This was definitely a healing and aligning experience. You won’t regret doing this experience with Sheri. She’s amazing. Jessica
Sheri is amazing at what she does! We spent the first 45 min discussing what I was looking to accomplish and gain from the experience. She is very knowledgeable and make you feel incredibly comfortable. I reached a deep state of relaxation and definitely felt a shift in my mind and body the week following our session. I recommend her for anyone looking to be reenergized and balanced!


Sheri was very interested to really help us and we felt results very soon after she started her session. Very intuitive and we felt we could open up and release. Everyone should experience this.


This is an experience you do not want to miss out on. it was everything I wanted plus more. Sherri was easy to talk to and was so knowledgeable in her craft. it was magical to say the least experience. i left inspired and motivated to start the rest of my life. There was so much I had internalized that I wasn’t even aware still had a hold on my life. I let go. I realized that I am enough. BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE. I WOULD DEFINATELY BE GOING AGAIN. Cathy
I was so lucky to have such an amazing session with a wonderful woman I recommend everyone to communicate with her.


Very enthusiastic good energy.


I had never done this before and I didn’t know what to expect. She was awesome straight forward and I’m gonna be back when I come to Florida. After I left the session I felt balanced out idk how to explain just try it out.




I highly recommend her. Great with unblocking chakras and activating the third eye. Best experience I had from other reiki sessions. Sheri cleared my energies.


This was a first experience for me. It was very nice to relax and balance the chakras. Sheri is very caring and has a lot of experience. It was very nice to find this holistic experience on Airbnb. I will advise my Canadian friends to meet her in the future. Thank you Sheri!