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Full Moon Holistic Health, Wellness & Psychic Fair on ZOOM

Put on your headphones, grab your notebook and your water, shut your door, and soak in the spiritual wisdom personal development, and practical tips for self-care inspiration and motivation.

Time Schedule For All Regions - Saturday August 28th

Time Region
01:00 pm – 10:00 pm Eastern(All day access)
Doors Open 1 pm Doors Open
12:00 pm – 09:00 pm Central
11:00 am – 08:00 pm Mountain
10:00 am – 07:00 pm Pacific
6:00 pm – 03:00 am UK
4:00 am – 1:00 pm Australia (8/29)
12:00 pm – 9:00 am India (8/29)

About Event

A star-studded group of experts in holistic health physical mental and spiritual wellness and psychic insight welcome you to an inspiring event filled with experiences education entertainment and enlightenment.

Access to all activities including “close encounters” with all of our presenters and specially reduced priced private mini- psychic and healing sessions speed readings fun room experiences and exciting door prizes are all via Zoom.

15 Speakers- 9 hours, Free psychic & card readings, discount prices, play room experience, door prizes, shopping with vendors, move from room to room freely on your own. Come & go all day. Free admission, by love donation.

• Sheri Kaplan – Hostess, “The Revitalizer”, Event Producer, Reiki, Sound & Energy Healer, Coach, Teacher, Author, Speaker (FL)

•JoanFrances Boyle- “The Scottish Seer”- Healer, Past Life Surrogacy, (Scotland)

• Cosmic Goddess Rev. Jen Post- Akashic Records, Soul Path, Reader, Lightworker, Channel (NY)

• Monique Blake-WellBEing Coach, Author, Astrologer, Tarotist, Ayurveda (Jamaica)

• Raphael Weisman- “Ask the Angels Channel, The Santa-Fe Shungite Man, HeartThread Healer, (NM)

• Carole Aileo Ha’La Ramsay- “Multi-dimensional Energy Expert”-Lightworker, Reiki Master, Healer, Channel (FL)

• Matthew Donovan- Master Piano Player, Producer, Teacher(CT)

• Michele Howe Clarke- “Thrive Guide Intuitive Energy Healer”, Life Coach, Sacred Archetype Reading (NY)

• Royden Parsell- “The Singing Psychic”, Channel, Tarot (Tasmania, AU)

•Denise Danielle- “Able Alchemist” Author Healer, Consultant, Wellness Coach, (IL )

•Amber Kelley “My Soul Wave”- Intuitive, Psychic Medium

•Amanda Romano “The Awakener”- Awakening Coaching, Intuitive Healing, Readings ( CO)

•Julia Tallering- “The Healer” Numerologist, Psychic Medium, Channel Oracle Reader- ( CA)

•Elmien Riley- Rapid Transformational Therapist® – The Difference Maker Transformational Coach, Inner Child Work (S.Africa)

•Donnareyna Sessler- “The Solutionary Gemologist” Oracle Reader (NY)


Come and go as you please throughout the event.

  • Visit Virtual Exhibit Rooms for sessions and shopping and meet and greet
  • Try FREE Mini Sessions With Each Vendor
  • Experience Live Ceremonies
  • Listen to Real-Time Music
  • Enjoy Private Sessions With Gifted Healers
  • Get answers with our Readers and Psychics
  • Visit with the speakers after their presentations right in their room for Q and A
  • Listen to the Panel discussion
  • Meditate
  • Activations
  • Win Door Prizes
  • Do Some Shopping
  • Fun Room Experience With Live Music Meditation, Movement, Activations, Readings & Much More


  • You can pre-book your session with a healer, reader, psychic, or vendor in advance for convenience and a guaranteed spot. Contact and pay them directly.
  • They have reduced their fees – the average price is $1 for 2 minutes.
  • You can also book the day of the event. The Healers Network lounge opens at 1:30 for bookings. 
  • Please support us to continue having these events by purchasing sessions classes and products with our Practitioners & Vendors.


  • This event is posted in many places, so signups here do not indicate likely attendance.
  • Every Fair includes a different set of practitioners offering a wide range of modalities.
  • Feel free to drop in at any time during the event and stay as long or as little as you’d like.
  • The Zoom engineer and staff will give you access to our breakout rooms.
  • Look for the 3 dots or 4 small squares/Blue button on the bottom of the screen to move into the breakout rooms.
  • Volunteers will assist you in the main room to get to the fun room healers network lounge and to the speaker’s rooms for Q and A
  • Having a problem? Just ask. Write in the chat or raise your hand or message us. The Zoom Engineer is Watching.
  • Please note that this event is not a therapeutic setting and we are not here in the role of counselors. If you have needs that would best be served by a mental health professional do not consider this event as a substitute for such care.

This Event is Free, By Love Donations

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Zelle 786-419-1389

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These are the Rooms you can find us.

Room #s

1- Playroom – Fun Experiences Every 30 Minutes- Starting At 1:30
2- Healers Network– Appointment Psychics & Healing Room Starting At 1:30
3- Sheri Kaplan– Hostess, Event Producer, Reiki, Sound Energy Healer, Coach
4- Vicky- Zoom Engineer
5- Help Desk, Tech Support
7- Michele Howe Clarke– “Intuitive Thrive Guide”- Moon Cycle Readings, Sacred Archetype Card Reading, Intuitive Coach, TedX Speaker
8 Raphael Weisman– Ask the Angels Channel, The Santa-Fe Shungite Man, HeartThread Healer, EMF Protection
9- Donnareyna Sessler-Solutionary Gemologist- Oracle Card Readings
11- Carole Aileo Ha’La Ramsay – “Multi-dimensional Energy Expert”, Lightworker, 4:4 Recalibration, Reiki Master
12- Cosmic Goddess Rev. Jen Post– Akashic Records, Soul Path, Channel, Lightworker, Reader, Light Language
14- JoanFrances Boyle– “The Scottish Seer”- Past Life Surrogacy, Healer, Psychic Medium
15- Monique Blake- WellBEing Coach, Author, Astrologer, Tarot Master Ayurveda Consultant
18- Royden Parsell- “The Singing Psychic”- Channel, Intuitive Tarot Reader
20- V- Angela Hererra Lopez– Volunteer Psychic Room Reservations, “The Oil Healer”
21- V-Anthony Jones– Volunteer Chat Moderator
22-V- Lisa Hernandez– Volunteer Chat Moderator, Life Coach, NLP, Realtor
27- Matthew Donovan– Master Piano Performer and Teacher, Producer
33- Denise Danielle- “The Able Alchemist” Author, Self Help Coach, Healer, Wellness Consultant
34- Amanda Romano– “The Awakener”-Intuitive Healing & Readings, Awakening Coach
35- Elmien Riley- Transformational Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Inner Child Work
333- Amber Kelley-“My Soul Wave”- Psychic Medium

Want to become a Practitioner, Healer, Reader, Vendor, Musician or Speaker and serve the community?

IMPORTANT MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The information on this event is NOT INTENDED or IMPLIED to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this event is for general information purposes only.

Please see a medical professional if you need help with depression, illness, or have any concerns whatsoever.

WE DO NOT OFFER MEDICAL ADVICE, COURSE OF TREATMENT, DIAGNOSIS OR ANY OTHER OPINION on your conditions or treatment options. SERVICES OR PRODUCTS THAT YOU OBTAIN THROUGH THIS EVENT are for information purposes only and not offered as medical or psychological advice, guidance or treatment.

Results shared are not typical. You may or may not experience anything from the sessions, the services provided by teachers, speakers and guests. Please consult a medical professional if you are experiencing illness, depression, anxiety, mood swings or any concerns whatsoever. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease



For Fun Experiences – 30 min
1:30 pm Monique Blake- Tarot, Astrology, and more
2:00 pm Raphael Weisman- HeartThread Healer-“Ask the Angels Channel, The Santa-Fe Shungite Man
2:30 pm Amanda Romano- “The Awakener- Intuitive Healing & Readings
3:00 pm Julia Tallering- “The Healer”- Speed Readings
3:30 pm  Elmien Riley- “Rapid Transformational Coach”
4:00 pm Denise Danielle-“the able alchemist” – Meditation, Movement
4:30 pm Speed Readings Main Stage
5:00 pm JoanFrances Boyle- The Scottish Seer-“Dimensional Guardian Angel Transmission” Awakens your awareness to experience the fullness of your Personal Power
5:30 pm Rev. Goddess Jen Post- Akashic Records, Soul Path, Reader, Lightworker, Channel- Channeling And Attunement With The Archangel Frequencies With DNA Light Language Activation (1 Hour)
6:00 pm Amber Romano- “My Soul Wave”-
6:00 pm Musical Piano Performance by Matthew Donovan (Main Room)
6:45 pm  Michele Howe Clarke “Intuitive Thrive Guide”- Moon Hub Cycle Experience
7:15 pm DonnaReyna Sessler- “Solutionary Gemologist”, Oracle and Destiny Readings
8:00 pm Royden Parsell- “Singing Psychic Readings”, Channeled Psychic Readings
9:00 pm Panel
9:30 pm CONCERT- Live Music by Indie Singer Amanda Romano
10:00 pm Event Ends- After Hour Party in the Main room

Time Line Main Room

Lectures every 30 minutes for 25 minutes in the main room.

Visit them all day from 1:00 – 10:00 pm. in their breakout rooms

Follow them to their breakout room for Q and A after their lecture and visit them in the PLAY Room #1 for an Interactive Experience

Visit them in Healers Network Lounge Room #2 to book a Private FREE Mini or Paid session at any time throughout the day. A volunteer will assist with the bookings.

1:00 PM Main Room – EVENT BEGINS – Sheri Kaplan “The Revitalizer” Introduces The Team
1:30 PM Room #1 – PLAYROOM EXPERIENCES OPEN – Escape to the Playroom for Live, FUN Interactive Experiences With the Psychics, Readers, Healers, & Consultants – New Host Every 30 Minutes – For Music, Meditation, Activations, And Readings.


Joanfrances Boyle “The Scottish Seer”- “VIBRATIONAL DIAGNOSTIC READING” Main Stage
(1 hour) And 5 Pm In The Playroom

2:30PM  Cosmic Goddess Rev. Jen Beldy Post – “DO YOU WONDER IF YOU HAVE PSYCHIC ABILITIES? AWAKEN YOUR JOURNEY THROUGH YOUR SOUL PLAN & AKASHIC RECORDS” in the Main Room and 5:30 pm in the Playroom (1 hour)
3:00PM Monique Blake – “WELL-Being Coach” -“THE POWER TAROT HOUR” in the Main Room & 1:30 pm in the Playroom – (1 hour) in the Main Room And 6:30 pm in the Playroom
3:30PM Michele Howe Clarke–  “The Intuitive Thrive Guide” – “MOON MAGIC & MOMENTUM MONEY MASTERY” in the Main Room And 6:30 pm in the Playroom
4:00PM Raphael Weisman “Heaththread Healer” and DonnaReyna Sessler the Solutionary Gemologist” THE HEALING POWER OF SHUNGITE: CHANNELING THE ANGELS” In The Main Room & 2:00 Pm in the Playroom
4:30PM SPEED READINGS – Everyone Will Get Moved For 30 Minutes To Different Breakout Rooms To Meet The Vendors To Experience Mini Sessions
5:00PM Amanda Romano – “The Awakener”- CHALLENGES; A PATHWAY TO AWAKENING in the Main Room & 2:30 pm in the Playroom
5:30PM Julia Tallering – “HOW TO USE YOUR LIFE PATH USING NUMEROLOGY”, then follow her at 3:00 Pm to The Playroom
6:00PM Matthew Donovan – “PIANO HEALING SYNCHRONICITIES” – Musical Performance By Master Pianist And Teacher
6:30PM Royden Parsell in the Main Room – “The Singing Psychic From Tazmania, Australia” – PSYCHIC DEMONSTRATION – LIVE MUSICAL READINGS WITH THE AUDIENCE in the Main Room & 8:00 pm in the Playroom
7:00PM Carole Aileo Ha’La Ramsay – “Multi-Dimensional Energy Expert” – “WHAT IS TIME? CHANNELING OF THE VENUSIANS – LEARN ABOUT TRUST AND EXPAND TIME” in the Main Room – 9:00 pm in the Playroom
8:00PM Amber Kelley – “My Soul Wave” – in the Main Room & 6:00 pm in the Playroom
8:30PM  Elmien Riley- Rapid Transformational Coach-“WAYS TO ACCESS THE HEALING POWER OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND” in The Main Room & 3:30 pm in the Playroom
9:00PM  Panel
9:30PM  Concert by Amanda Romano, Indie Singer, Guitarist

“It was great … very informative and especially loved the interactive parts.” – April Sasaki

“Sheri, thank you so much for telling me about your last night zoom! I thought it was fabulous and what a great job you did in organizing it! I will tell all my friends to go for readings! I sent two people there last night already! I’m going to do a healing for one of the psychics today!
So again, thank you!” – Helen Hajjar

“I felt that the Psychic was on point.” – Pamela Smith

“Sheri and her team just improve and add different people to speak it was fab.” – Sherri-Ann White

This is how it works:


You can also pre-book with all Practitioners and vendors in advance to guarantee your spot for a Free or reduced session. Contact them and PAY DIRECTLY, they have different prices: the average price is $1-2 minutes. Healers Network Lounge will be open at 1:00 pm for taking appointments and support your bookings throughout the day.

Speaker Bio

Sheri Kaplan “The Revitalizer”

Hostess, Event Producer, Sound & Energy Healer

Bio – Energy Healer, Intuitive, Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author, TESLA Healer, Vibro-Acoustic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, and Coach. Sheri’s gift to the world is healing in a variety of techniques and modalities. She specializes in serving individuals who are experiencing trauma and pain in their body physically or in their heart emotionally. A driving force and educator in the community.Sheri Kaplan has been featured in numerous local and national TV Radio and Print Media including People magazine Montel Williams and ABC’s 20/20. She produces Healers.Network  a monthly virtual Fair and is building & recruiting for an on-demand Health and Wellness Consultation Marketplace.  

Free Offer:
Chakra Reading

Door Prize Giveaway Items:
Copies of Sheri’s book, “17 Ways to Open the Root Chakra to Love, Abundance & Security,” Choice of E-Book or Audio Download format.
A Chakra & Angel Card Reading
Valued at $75 each

Joanfrances Boyle - The Scottish Seer

Past life surrogate


1:30 pm Joanfrances Boyle, The Scottish Seer

“Vibrational Diagnostic Reading”

Your personality, health, happiness, successes and more, are all entwined within your energetic systems. Joanfrances, psychic gifts have helped many people and in some cases have saved their life with her diagnosis. A gifted Seer from childhood, she has developed her reputation for Vibrational Diagnostics, as she sees Auras and Chakras naturally. Demonstrations with willing attendees will demonstrate this gift combined with her intuitive perception! All makes for an in-depth diagnostic Reading!

DOOR PRIZE- Vibrational Diagnostic Reading Valued at $135

FREE OFFER- 5 mins Tarot Card reading


Only for today and if pre booked and paid today for a future booking!!

  • Psychic Readings 30 mins $40 (reg $101)
  • D.N.Activation- 25 mins $70 (reg $123)
  • Vibrational Diagnostic $90 (reg $123)
  • Past Life Surrogacy Reveal Special 1 hour $160 (reg $220)

Discount Fair Price – if pre-book and paid today at the Fair.

  • Pre book 1.5 hours @ $220 (Reg.$280)

Payment systems $ PayPal in USD Dollars to Business

Bio: Joanfrances Boyle, The Scottish Seer has 34 years’ professional experience as a Psychic, Medium. She has seen Auras and Chakras since she was a child and was given the unique gift of Past Life Surrogacy. A few of her other abilities are Vibrational Diagnostic, Psychic Property Surveyor, Intuitive Life Coach, Target Remote Viewer, and a Paranormal Investigator. Joanfrances is near completion of her book on “Past Life Surrogacy -Cutting Edge of Karma”.

WhatsApp Video Free Call To  +44(0)7832251798

Cosmic Goddess Jen Beldy Post

"The Awakener"


2:30 pm– Cosmic Goddess Rev. Jen Beldy Post- “The Awakener”
Cosmic Goddess Bluestar and Channel for the Highlight of Alkali (ala-kali)

“DO YOU WONDER IF YOU HAVE PSYCHIC ABILITIES? AWAKEN YOUR JOURNEY THROUGH YOUR SOUL PLAN & AKASHIC RECORDS”. Awakening, soul plan chart, Akashic reads, dark night of the soul, ascension symptoms

Follow her to room #12 for Q and A

5:30 pm PlayRoom Experience- “To the Stars and Back Activation”
Channeling And Attunement With The Archangel Frequencies With Dna Light Language Activation

Free Offer5 Minute Card Reading
Show Special – Room Offer – 30 min reading for $30
Door Prize- 1-hour Psychic Reading Connection To Your Akashic Records And Spirit Guides Valued At $144

Akashic Record Channeler And Blue Star Channel For The Highlight Of Alakali, Archangels, Ascended Masters And Star Light Beings

Bio : Rev Jen Post- The Awakener-Cosmic Goddess Bluestar And Channel For The Highlight Of Alakali (Ala-Kali) is a renowned channel with abilities that include being a Reiki Master Teacher Healer, Star Seed Galactic Teacher and Spiritual Counselor, Angelic Healer, Oracle of the Akashic Records, Tarot and your Souls Plan Blueprint. She is a channel for the Angelic, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides as well the light language; The Highlight of Alakali.
In her practice she integrates all her abilities and studies which awaken, empower, heal and balance your life, as you journey back to ONENESS.

Monique Blake - Well-Being Coach


3:00 pm Monique Blake- “WellBEing Coach”, Author, Astrologer, Tarot Reader/Teacher “TAROT HOUR”-
Follow her to Room #15 for Q and A
1:30-pm PlayRoom Experience- Astrology & Tarot Readings
1 Card Tarot Reading
Tarot Card Readings $60-30min. $108 for hour (save $42 off reg. price)
$150 Session

BIO: For over 23 years, Monique has helped women confidently answer the poet Mary Oliver’s question, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

As a trusted Educator and Life Coach, Monique’s passion is to blend modern techniques and ancient wisdom to empower individuals to claim their ultimate wellBEing. She is a certified Clifton Strengths Finder Coach with 20 years of executive experience in the education, corporate and spa settings. She is also a NAMA certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Certified Astrologer and Tarotist. Her clients call her the ‘Oracle’.
Being In Touch, Inc.

Michele Howe Clarke -" Intuitive Thrive Guide"


3:30 pm – Michele Howe Clarke- “The Intuitive Thrive Guide” “MOON MAGIC & MOMENTUM MONEY MASTERY” In The Main Room And 6:30 Pm In The Playroom

Follow her to Room #7 for Q and A

6:30 pm Play Room Experience-Moon Hub Cycle Experience

Free Offer – 1 card Moon Magnet Reading- Get Centered with clarity on your key to success in the next moon cycle

Show Special – Moon Magnet 5 Card reading
$45 for a five card – Divine Design Shine reading -Get your Sacred Archetypal Directions to Align and Shine in Life’s four Directions of Health, Wealth, Love and Fulfillment

Door Prize – Moon Magnet 5 Card reading- Get the key to Maximize your next 28 Days (value $147)

Bio: How would you like to quantum 10x your results in life success? That is what Michele is all about. Aggressive disfiguring life threatening cancer, broker her perception and gave her the Magic Alchemy Manifestation answer. Engage Thrive Drive is the key to set success free. MBA, TEDx speaker, awarded author. Michele Howe Clarke is your Thrive Guide into the Flow of Divine Design Shine. Grab a gift at

Raphael Weisman

Angel Channel & SantaFe Shungite


4:00 pm Raphael Weisman- “HeartThread Healer” and DonnaReyna Sessler the Solutionary Gemologist” THE HEALING POWER OF SHUNGITE: CHANNELING THE ANGELS” In The Main Room & 2:00 Pm in the Playroom

Follow Raphael to Room #8 for Q&A and for sessions and shopping

2:30 pm  Playroom Experience: Channeling with the Angels

Free Offer: 5 minutes Channeled Angel message or answer to your question.

Room Offer: $2 per minute, free recording

Door Prize:
Channeled Message – $111 value

Bio: Raphael Weisman, author, is a retired Harp-maker living in Santa Fe. He is a channel for the healing guidance of The Angels. Raphael is a visionary, a poet, an editor, a writer, a dancer, a hiker, a lover of trees and Nature. He is a musician and loves to sing and to jam on flute, harp and harmonica. He provides Shungite for protection from EMFs. He’s a trainer of HeartThread practitioners, and a minister. He currently channels a 13-week online program from The Companions and is publishing a book, “13 voices of The New Earth Council.”

Vendor: Santa Fe Shungite Man, Nature’s protection from harmful EMFs.

Amanda Romano

"The Awakener, Intuitive Healer, Reader and Singer"


5:00 pm Amanda Romano- The Awakener, Intuitive Healer and Reader

9:30 pm Performing a Live Concert in the main

Follow her to Breakout Room #34 for Q and A and Sessions

2:30 pm Fun Room Experience- Music

Free Offer: 5 Minute Free Intuitive Healing/Reading

Room Offer: $1 per minute

Door Prize Giveaway Item: 20 minute Intuitive Healing/Reading, Valued at $60

Bio-  I’m an Intuitive Energy Healer specializing in trauma clearing and coaching. I focus on the problems in your life, and what new possibilities are on the horizon. Often, life difficulties are an opportunity to grow and change, release the things holding us back, and reach a new level of peace and self-actualization. I help people move from challenges toward their most realized, awakened, healthy selves. We’ll talk about what’s happening in your life, why you are looking for healing. I will use my intuitive abilities to clarify- get the big picture! We’ll look both internally and externally, and see how this is an opportunity for spiritual growth. We’ll focus on trauma release: where you got stuck (usually in childhood), and on the big spiritual picture: how you want to grow through this experience. We’ll do both Energy Healing- I can see energy visually, and can help you release the stuck energy in your body, and Coaching- I can see where you’re headed and help you see it too!

Phone 303 902 7094

Julia Tallering

Numerologist, Psychic, Oracle Reader


5:30 pm Julia Tallering, Certified Numerologist, Psychic Medium, Oracle Reader

Follow her to Room #35 for Q and A

She is also performing on the main stage at 9:30 pm

3:00- pm PlayRoom Experience
Julia Tallering The Healer
Fun Room Experience- Numerology, Life Path Numbers

Free Offer- 1 Card Pull, or Life Path #

Room Offer- $15.00 /20 min. $40/30 min.
Door Prize Giveaway Item – Reading
Door Prize Valued at $60

Bio- Julia Tallering. Psychic Medium, Certified Numerologist, and intuitive Oracle card reader. She can connect with passed on loved ones that are living on the other side. She can tell you your life path number and provide you with a numerology report to see where your life is taking you, and can you give you an oracle card reading where you will receive information on your career, finances, general questions, career, love, and family and know what to do with that information.

Her journey into this started when so many things were going wrong in her life that I decided to dive deep into spirituality. She got a numerology report done and saw that she is a life path 7 which means that I have a gift for helping others heal and that I am one of the most intuitive life path numbers out there. She also picked up my first oracle card deck and connected right away and was astounded by how accurate her readings on herself were. Then, she started offering my readings to other people.

Phone 845 372 4897

Matthew Donovan-"Musician, Producer"


6:00 pm Matthew Donovan: “Piano Healing Synchronicities”

“I Love to be a part of the creative process in music; beat making, harmonizing, writing, recording, arranging, jamming, ad infinitum. Piano, guitars, beats”

Demonstrations of Prophetic Instrumental Piano Playing, customized to whoever is in the room. The music improvised can touch the listener on a deep emotional, spiritual, and chakra-based level as well as supernatural experiences.

BIO- Matthew “Matt” Donovan began playing piano at the age of 6 years. At age 16, he toured professionally with a regional legendary beach music band called “The O’Kaysions”. After touring the South East, Matt was trained further at Berklee College of Music and USC. He has played in most US states and parts of Europe, with his gift of playing keyboard touching lives. Matt has jammed and recorded with many amazing talents including Multiple Grammy Award Recipient Ricky Skaggs & Grammy Award Recipient Jay Joyce. Donovan is a multi-instrumentalist and plays spontaneous “songs of the hour” which are synchronistic improvisations based on where he feels the leading of His Spirit Guide.

Royden Parsell, "Singing Psychic"


6:30 pm  Main room Royden Parsell- “ROY THE SINGING PSYCHIC”


Then Follow him to Room # for Q&A.

1:30 pm for a Fun Room Experience- Mini Readings directly after his presentation

Mini Readings directly after his presentation

Door Prize: 1-hour video reading, valued at $120.00

Free Offer: Three card tarot spread Room Offer: 30 minutes/$50

Bio: Royden Parsell is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Singing Psychic, Medium, Tarot Card reader.

A clairvoyant and clairaudient from Tasmania, Australia, “Roy the Singing Psychic” uses his gifts to provide useful and entertaining readings. His musical renditions span the years from the 1960s to the 1990s. His readings tend to be problem-solving, but as he is also a medium, he tends to get messages to pass on to sitters.

Carol Ramsey

"Multi-Dimensional Energy Expert”


7:00 pm – Carole Aileo Ha’La Ramsay- “Multi-Dimensional Energy Expert”


Follow her to Breakout Room #11 for Q and A and for sessions

7:00 pm playroom “4:4 Recalibration” process (Channeled by Venusians) is a unique 7D technique

FREE OFFER Free Offer- Ask one question for a Psychic/Past Life reading

ROOM OFFER – $55 instead of $155 for a 40-minute reading

DOOR PRIZE – Reading Valued at $155.00

Carole Aileo Ha’La Ramsay, Ba. Div., RTM, is a Spiritual Counselor, “Energy Expert”, born empath and fully sentient – medium, healer, remote viewer, teaches Usui Reiki and other Energy transformative modalities; mentors Star Seeds and Pure Spirits experiencing a human life. Her expertise is with people experiencing major life changes, i.e., health, work, grief, etc.

Denise Danielle

The Able Alchemist, Author


7:30 pm- Denise Daniel Henry Chief Nurturer Author and Able Alchemist
4:00- pm PlayRoom Experience- Meditation and Movement and Dancing
Breakout Room # 33
What is your Free Offer- 5 minutes Free
Room Offer- $1 minute self healing consultation
Door Prize Giveaway Item- Full size facial serum + travel beard and body butter
Valued at $40
Bio- After living with eczema for three decades I’m excited to share my healing journey with the world in my book “Heal Yourself: The Guide to Healing Your Skin Naturally”. I began making my own facial serums and body butters in 2012 to avoid harmful ingredients and include ingredients that rebuild the skin. I’ve gutted a ’73 Airstream and will be hitting the road to help others find comfort for what Western Medicine calls an incurable disease.

Amber Kelley

Psychic Medium


8:00 pm – Amber Kelley “My Soulwave” Mediumship
6:00- pm PlayRoom Experience

Follow her to Breakout Room #333 for Q and A and for Sessions
2:30 pm Fun Room Experience- Mediumship
Free Offer- Free 5 minutes
Price per session offered- $1 minute/20 minutes
Door Prize Giveaway Item- Reading Valued at $100

I have always felt a little different compared to everyone else, even from when I was a little girl. When I had my awakening and realized that I had this ability, I finally understood why there was always just something different about me. I am born a Sagittarius, and my life path number is master 11. I am very open, honest and words can not explain how it makes me feel when i can finally help or heal people. I believe it is my soul purpose and the reason I am here on earth I can connect with people in a completely different way, I use my ability with only good intentions and to help those in need. Every single reading is amazing, different and special in its own way.

Phone 403-963-8640

Elmien Riley

Rapid Transformational Therapist


8:30 pm Elmien Riley- Rapid Transformational Therapist® – The Difference Maker

Follow her to Room #8 for Q and A
3:30- pm PlayRoom Experience

FREE OFFER: Free 5 minutes Learn how to connect with your intuition

ROOM OFFER: $25/45 minutes Rapid Transformation Session – Connecting with the inner child through hypnosis
DOOR PRIZE Normal price is $300. This includes a 2 hour Rapid Transformational Therapy Session, audio recording and check ins after the session for 21 days.
Book Ahead Fair price is $210 (30% discount).

BIO- Elmien is a Rapid Transformational Therapist® and Coach and qualified through the remarkable Marisa Peer’s RTT® School. She traded a professional career in Marketing and Advertising to follow a life-long passion – learning to use the power of the subconscious mind to facilitate healing. “Each of us have huge potential, but we waste so much energy on emotional issues. Through RTT we help clients transform, rapidly and permanent, to release energy and live a better life.”

Read 5 Star Reviews

Thank you it was amazing!

Anthony Jones

Great presenters!

Jane Gunnison

LOVED the event!

Tina VaLant

Informative! Interesting! Intriguing

GMarie Jack

It was great,.very informative and especially loved the interactive parts.

April Sasaki

Received some great insights it was a great experience!

Nicole Van Dyke

“I participated for a very short time. I will say that I thought the event was well set up for a virtual event”

AnneMarie Rempala

Thank you for organizing all of that. I thoroughly enjoyed doing that event!

Holly Broderick, ``Holly Be Healing``, Speaker

Wow, it was very uplifting. You had several key skilled healers, yesterday, it was great. Looked like they really enjoyed it too.

AJ, California

Sheri I had a marvelous time yesterday considering everything. I learned many lessons also my Spirit Guides definitely assisted me to be included in this wonderful Expo. Much Love

Peter Marks, Speaker, Psychic to the Stars.

Congrats to Sheri and her team; the experience exceeded my expectations, and I found myself feeling as if I were in a breakout session at a regular conference. Thank you to each and every healer who shared their talents; you are making a difference!

Myra Darwish

It was a great experience. Very much enjoyed all the speakers. Well organized and very much appreciated the ability to join and even win a few different experiences for free since I could not have been able to afford to participate otherwise at this point in time in my life. So thank you very much to the organizers and for a great experience.

Cristina Hetel

Sheri Great Expo loved everyone and made some really great new friends. It is food for the Soul for all involved. A collective effort creates a powerful event. Can’t wait till next time!

Speaker, Vendor - Joanfrance Boyle ``The Scottish Seer'

Thank you Sheri for all you do to put these amazing events together, and the quality people you’re bringing to the table to help us all help ourselves help our body heal itself 🙂 I love it, keep up the great playing!

Joe Blanton Vibranz-Vendor, The Red Laser Guy, Speaker

Hi Soul Family, Thank you for an enlightening Fair. I had so much erudition, fun being with you’s. Sheri you’re Priceless. Enjoy your adventures in the days, weeks ahead. Let’s all keep in Touch. Be LUMINOUS!

Julian Michael, Numerologist to the Stars, Speaker

It was very informative and enjoyable. I wished I could stay longer but I also had company who came to join me for their own spiritual journey. Thank you for being there for us! I did win a free past life reading, but I have not heard from her yet, maybe later this week she will be in contact. Overall A+. Thank you.

Josh Wingenbach

“Sheri loved your psychic faire best one yet.” It felt well organized! Easy to get free 5 minutes and Easy to buy sessions. The volunteers were great. There were many psychics. The speakers seemed kind and ready to help others.
After my 5 minutes with a few people I picked who felt most accurate. If the same people are on again I might try another person or get in touch with one before next fair
I felt like I got something positive out of it.

Pamela, California

It was amazing I had such a great time, The people who did my readings were spot on. .I learned something about myself I guess I have known all my life, and in my past lives. it was a great help also to have these readings because they have given me the strength to choose my next adventure and to make that big move to another state. so thank you all for everything. please let me know when you all will be coming back to do that again.

Sarina Tȟaté Otȟúŋwahé DiMaso

It was great

Shay B

I felt that the Psychic was on point…

Pamela Smith

Join us for an interactive, inspirational and fun virtual healing experience!


One of our Psychic Astrologers got written up in a national magazine!

Congratulations Peter Marks ~

Peter Marks to partake in virtual Holistic Health & Wellness Fair By Power Journalist

On March 27, Peter Marks will be featured in a “Holistic Health and Wellness Psychic Fair.” Digital Journal has the scoop.

Marks is a world-renowned astrologer, numerologist, radio host, co-author, and intuitive. This past May, he chatted with Digital Journal about being part of the nonfiction book The Gift Within Us.

Latest Review Written By Famed PowerJournalist Markos Papadatos

On March 27, Peter Marks was a part of the “Holistic Health and Wellness Psychic Fair,” which was well-received with a worldwide turnout. Digital Journal has the recap.