I’m honored to have you participate in a powerful group challenge of practicing meditation on abundance consciousness for 21 days. This is your invitation to change your thinking to allow you to get more of what you really want in life, whether it’s love, wealth, health or opportunity…and then spread the abundance, love, and miracles far and wide.


In this time of change and uncertainty, we will commit to 21 days to change our mindset from scarcity to abundance. We will do a vibrational energetic RESET and reconnect for a fresh and new start.


From pure potentiality to the law of dharma, Abundance comes when we serve Humanity.
Learn how to activate the Spiritual Laws of Success in your life, bringing you the happiness and freedom you long for.


Explore Syncrodestiny, intention and meaningful coincidence, and living gratefully in unity and love. Learn how a “coincidence” can contain purpose, meaning, direction, and intention, and how you can harness that power.


Each day, you’ll be given a task to accomplish in 24 hours. You’ll also receive a daily 15 minute video of meditation from Deepak, so that you can practice tapping into the unlimited abundance around you. And here’s what else you get:



  • Private WhatsApp & Facebook Group
  • Free Access anywhere in the world via phone or computer
  • Community Feed
  • Daily Inspiration Messages
  • Meditative Moments
  • Connect and Message with Your Friends (a great alternative to Facebook)
  • Explore a sampling of meditations, mudras, and mantras


Every day you will receive a meditation and lesson to do freely on your own. You check in with the group when completed within 24 hours.

  • As a result, we will create a mindset for charity
  • Bring a contribution to the world with your business
  • Attract Abundance for you and your business
  • Create a mindset of gratitude and abundance
  • Experience WIN-WIN-WIN situations between you, your customers, and the entire universe
  • Build a habit of a daily guided meditation, which you will receive as a present for the completion of every task!
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Buy a Notebook, or staple copy paper together. Yes, you will be writing.
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We are looking forward to creating ABUNDANCE

I’m honored you chose to participate in this group challenge of practicing meditation on abundance consciousness… changing your thinking to allow you to get more of what you want in life, whether it’s love, wealth, health, or opportunity, for 21 days.

I want you to have everything your heart desires and connect with your Miracle Frequency!

  • These meditations are powerful, and exactly what you might naturally do in order to create what you want.
  • Deepak breaks it down in the simple way only he can!
  • This program is meant to support you in cultivating the habit of abundance.
  • Likewise, It will be intentional, powerful, and prosperous!

My name is Sheri Kaplan, and I am your organizer. I am a Spiritual Transformational Coach, Intuitive Healer & Reader, and Sound Healer. I live in Aventura, Florida. My Healing office is in Dania Beach.

Please also introduce yourself, and your country and city, when you join the group feed.

I decided to continue running a new group every Monday due to the demand during this Quarantine creating a New Desire to shift ourselves to a New Frequency, as the masses seek Inner Peace, Direction and Abundance during this Outer Turmoil of the current world situation.

Plus the amazing results from past participants and the opportunity to be of Service to so many on a worldwide level bring me so much Abundance!

The goal is to get to know yourself better, change/clarify Beliefs and Attitudes.

We will work together to Open the Flow of Abundance by committing to a 21-Day Practice.

Practice makes you Whole and Complete in this Area – Abundance Consciousness.

Imagine that! Your Heart opening up to Wholeness, allowing in an Infinite Source of Abundance.

Participating In this Practice will also support you In realizing your blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs in the area of Abundance.

As you realize these blocks, you can then actively work to heal each. You will be healing each block for your Lineage and opening up an Infinite Source of Abundance for All you care for!


This meditation is 21 days, and Day 0 covers the rules and setting the creation of the group and intentions.
Every day there will be a published task, an affirmation of the day, an audio file with an explanation, and a Deepak Chopra meditation.

  • I will send a task and meditation each day for you to complete.
  • After the publication of the daily task, you have 24 hours to complete it.
    THE DEADLINE TO COMPLETE EACH DAY’S TASK IS 12 PM IN YOUR TIME ZONE. I will lay out all tasks the night before.
  • If in the task you need to write something, write by hand, with a pen or pencil on paper. It is desirable to have a separate notebook.
  • Before you write, come to a calm state. Use slow deep breathing or meditation. You can complete the task after Deepak Chopra’s meditation.
  • Please send questions in a private message to me. No need to leave comments or “thanks” in the group.
  • Be fully focused on the daily task, and allocate time and space for it.
  • If you cannot participate, or keep the rhythm of the program, please remove yourself from the group. Make this decision on your own. We need to maintain the flow so that the energy input into this process does not dissipate.
  • After completing the daily task, please write the completion statement. For example, “Day 0 Done” This will be a confirmation for all of you. There will be days when I will ask you to leave other comments.
  • If the task is not completed within a day, please leave the group.

This Process Is an Opportunity to Learn How to Allocate Time for Yourself and Your Development Every Day. Have an Awesome Adventure!

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For Questions? Text Sheri Kaplan, 786-419-1389, or email kaplansheri@gmail.com